Saturday, February 17, 2018

Teen Suicide Attempts

What sets a teen on a journey to end their life?

There are many reasons, some small and large, that combine into a swirling mass of hysteria, fear and loathing that finally pushes a teen into a suicide attempt.

  • keeps multiple traumas secret
  • feels acute rage, shame, guilt
  • intense fear the public will find out
  • can not, under any circumstance allow the secret to get out
  • turns rage and anger inside
  • holds contempt for self or self loathing
  • turns to one trusted person and is told to shut up or that they are lying
  • lacks life experience to find a solution
  • can not share their pain with anyone
  • no way out to resolve internal conflict
  • a traumatized child lacks the ability to problem solve, they view life through a fog like veil 
  • brainwashed into believing it is all their fault
  • live with threats and in constant fear or terror
  • family scapegoat, blamed for all the families problems
  • incestuous parent or sibling, no where to run or hide
  • mentally tortured at school by bully and/or others
  • the teen finally reaches a point where they no longer want to think about it, they  just want the stress (pain) to end

The author estimates that secret child sexual brutality, and torture (rape) are 95% the underlying cause of teen suicide attempts before the child turned 13 years old.  It is keeping the trauma secret that forces the child to live with the pain, shame and rage, that finally pushes them into action to relive their suffering. 

Frequently it involves older sibilings or a parent but it is often an extended family pedophile.   Certainly incest is the easiest and most common for child sexual assault because access to a home or a child is less monitored becuase of family connections.

The child may experience a single traumatic attack from one person or a gang.  It may be on-going, such as incest, over a period of time and with either one predator or several family members.  Sometimes it is a combination of kin and non-kin pedophiles.

For a heterosexual young boy, a homosexual, incestuous pedophile can destroy their will to live. A teen fears his peers will find out and will suffer too much humiliation and shame for them to bear.

Children as young as eight will  consider suicide however they lack the skills to plan and follow through.

Never underestimate the impact sexual assault, incest and pedophiles have on children.  Most sexual assault is kept totally secret so parents and even friends never know.  Kids needlessly live with guilt and shame because they will keep The Secret at all costs.  As such they live with this terrible pain inside, not knowing that by telling someone the secret has no power over them anymore.  It is the only way they can free themselves.  

With the peer pressure on teens these days, they would rather die than have certain secrets made public.  Children should be able to tell someone about a disturbing experience but in the case of sexual assault, they keep it inside thinking they  can "deal with it."  They can't.  It will eat away their soul from the inside out until only a shell is left.  Life changing trauma destroys who they were born to be and makes rebuilding themselves into a new person a  long term struggle, unless they know what took place.

Teens lack problem solving skills to deal with crisis.  They often rely on other teens for solutions but they too don't have the experience.  All these things and more combine to make it very difficult for a teen to see a way out.

The best way to reach out to teens is to have open community discussions covering as many variables as possible.  It would also help heal adults who suffered the same experience.  Then have a contact, either by phone or email where a person could discuss their personal issues privately.  The first step lowering teen suicide attempts is openly talking about the reality of teen trauma.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Before you commit a permanent act to a temporary state of mind, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.  There is nothing so bad in this world that you can't survive and thrive.  The best revenge is to stick around and heal from your crisis



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