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The Abusers

Parents are often the abuser and the first to be looked at when a child shows sign of abuse.

Siblings can and do inflict greater damage if the parents are blinded by the love for the evil child.  Siblings have free access to younger family members, because they share a room or the sibling bully is their resentful, sexually deviate, babysitter.

Broken Trust
  • Family member
  • Grandfather/grandmother
  • Parent
  • Parent is a registered sex offender (pedophile)
  • Parents partner
  • Registered sex offender who is a relative
  • Sibling Abuser

Mandatory Attendance or Contact

  • Adoption agency staff
  • Babysitter
  • Band leader
  • Bus driver
  • Cab driver
  • Choir leader
  • Church member
  • Club leader
  • Congregation member
  • Counselor
  • Detention supervisor
  • Family friend
  • Fashion show editor
  • Federal employee
  • Food stamp distributor
  • Janitor helper
  • Juvenile home attendant
  • Lay preacher
  • Minister
  • Music teacher
  • Neighbor
  • Newspaper photographer
  • Newspaper reporter
  • Organization leader
  • Parent rents a room to pedophile
  • Pastor
  • Political party fundraiser chairman
  • Political party member
  • Portrait photographer
  • Priest
  • Principal
  • Probation officer
  • Reform school counselor
  • Reform school staff
  • Religious camp counselor
  • Religious leader
  • Reverend
  • School counselor
  • Scout Leader
  • Social service worker
  • State employee
  • Teacher
  • Teaches helper
  • Voice coach
  • Welfare worker

On the other hand, the parents of an abused and tortured child may be unaware of the cruelty inflicted on their child.  Not until the child acts out, runs away, sets fires, steals, is placed in juvenile detention or attempts suicide, does their painful mistreatment surface.  And sometimes it never does. It all depends on how tightly the mistreated, abused and tortured child will hang on to their secret.  And that depends on how tortured they were into remaining silent.

Frequently the parent's protection of a cruel (favored) sibling is so strong the wounded child can't stand up to relentless pressure to recant.  This applies when other family members pressure the wounded child into complete silence.

More often than not, however, if the child has been properly groomed, intimidated or terrified they will remain silent on their own.  They will keep the secret of their abuse, even to their own self-destruction, rather than chance the perpetrator will deliver on the threats.

orture Examples
  • Bed set on fire while sleeping
  • Body pierced or tattooed with identity rant or status
  • Bone breaks
  • Breathe toxic fumes
  • Building set on fire
  • Buried alive
  • Burned with chemical
  • Burnt with cigarette
  • Chained to bed or wall
  • Chemical burns
  • Chokes using ligature
  • Cruel and unusual acts that causes extreme pain
  • Does not meet physical need
  • Forced to things allergic to
  • Gasoline thrown on child and match lit
  • Held in an underground chamber
  • Kidnapped and held prisoner
  • Performing a rite in conjunction with inflicting physical pain
  • Rape, beating and broken bones of 3 month old infant
  • Refused permission to get out of bed
  • Refused permission to use bathroom
  • Relentless beating
  • Repetitive beatings
  • Restrained and beaten
  • Restraints used for multiple purposes
  • Russian roulette played
  • Skin drilled with screws
  • Skin pierced and hooks attached
  • Slow strangulation
  • Spit on
  • Starved
  • Sticking or poking with sharp object
  • Stinging liquid poured in eye
  • Use of ancient medieval tortures and punishments
  • Withhold medical treatment for broken bones, infections, tissue damage

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