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Adults 23 to 69 Years Young

For the thousands of adults who wake up and say, "Why do I continue to do such devastating damage to myself and know it, but yet am so powerless to make a change?"  This website is for you.

Key elements are present in all forms of abuse, brutality and torture.

Begin by opening the left side buttons and reading about early childhood experiences.  See if you connect with any of the traumas listed.  Sometimes this will trigger memories long buried.

Then go to the right buttons.  They cover subjects of child sexual abuse which from the authors point of view, is the single cause of adult dysfunction and addictions.  Adults experiencing childhood memories of assaults, physical, psychological and sexual should review the pages when they feel strong enough to face past hurts.

Other adult issues will be added to deal with addiction and healing.  Check out for ideas on staying sober.

The author uses the word "torture" to describe traumas, acts and events that if she received, would be considered to render an intense level of pain.

However, she  recognizes that for many people their level of pain would be much different.  Some would view acts of abuse or brutality as torture while others could withstand extreme levels of pain.  The individual, or victim, will ultimately determine at what level they want to identify their experience.  It is not for anyone else to choose.

There is a section called Ritual Abuse -Torture which includes sexual torture of the highest degree.  The author doesn't know exactly when a mind will open up to allow the memory of such extreme trauma surface.   But it does surface, in secret, with the most intense level of shame and the darkest of fear present.  There is a support group of the same name on line.



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