Sunday, January 21, 2018

Alcohol and the Isms that Follow

Alcoholism is slow suicide for late-stagers, those hopelessly addicted souls who can't concentrate past the next full bottle of booze.

Alcoholics can't stop drinking.  Fully aware their body rots with every sip, late stage alcoholics still can't stop.


There is no controlled drinking for a late stage alcoholic.  They are at full-throttle on the black road to death.  No attempt to "control" intake, just open the bottle and pour.

Black out, pass out, burn up something on the stove, piss the bed, burn holes in your mattress.  Don't bathe, don't care.  Smell bad; stale booze and piss.

I know.  I was there. (see, About the Author)

So why?  Why the hell can't an alcoholic see the damage to their self and all the lives they touch?

Because, from my personal experience, they are driven to keep a secret they can't admit to drunk, let alone sober.

We drink to block memory, mask shame, numb the pain, bury the memory, keep the secret. Period.

I have yet to find a late stage alcoholic who hasn't experienced childhood sexual abuse.  Not one.  And to keep the secret, to shove it back inside, hold it down, it takes an ever increasing amount of liquid. (or substance of choice.)

When a sexually abused child is given any addictive substance at any age, it makes them feel normal.  Quells their fear and shame for the first time.

They spend the next several decades trying to recapture that feeling.  It will never happen.  Just the nature all addictive substances have on the body.

Eventually a human body can't physically consume enough booze to even get a buzz. Your body has adapted to the chemical onslaught by building up an amazingly high level of tolerance.  Congratulations!  You have arrived at the late stage alcoholic level.  Your long term future has a shortened fuse.

So here is how you can stop this process.

Tell a loved one what happened to you.  (Ran off all your loved ones?  No problem.  Tell me.)

Really.  Once the secret is told, it has no power over you.   Poof!

If you can't do that, email me at suechristensen2929@ (at the) yahoo. com   (this is to slow down spammers)

In one sentence, tell me what happened.  Or in paragraphs if you feel like writing.

I understand.  So far only a few have shared so I have always written back.  Poof!  The reason you drink is over.  The secret is out.  The work begins to stay sober so read for some tips.

And one more thing about keeping the secret.  It isn't our responsibility to keep the secret.  We were fooled into believing we were doing the honorable thing, the family honor and all.  That is Hog Wash!

Your Child Spirit demands the truth be told so get with it.


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