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A rare word for a common phenomenon

Noun. American 2003  pronounced Chee-ult

The combination of "Child" and "Adult" to form Chi-ult

A traumatized child who physically reaches adulthood but remains locked at the emotional age when their trauma took place.

  • Emotionally frozen in time
  • Unable to move emotionally past the age of childhood pain
  • Mentally stunted in emotional growth

The word Chi-ult was created at Private Family Matter to describe in simple terms why adults continue to manage their life at a child's emotional level. Repeat offenders are an example of a chi-ult.  They continually repeat the same actions but somehow expect a different outcome. Most often, "chi-ults" are moved to addictions in an attempt to feel "normal" or less afraid, even happy and care free, numbing their emotions.

The condition of being a chi-ult is reversible when the secrets that hold them prisoner are revealed; healing can then take place.  The  child-adult will forever be altered from who they were born to be, but life will become more pleasant as they move forward in healing.


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