Saturday, February 17, 2018

Healing a Teen-Spirit

If you are a teen:

Whether you were sexually assaulted as a child or the violations didn't happen until you were 14 or older, your child-spirit may be slightly wounded, twisted or fully destroyed.

A child-spirit is the core of who you were born to be and resides internally, invisible to the probes of even x-rays.  It is the unseen force that make you who you are. If your core has been spiritually injured, through acts of physical violence and/or sexual contact, you are forever altered from who you were born to be.  Once your core is altered or destroyed, (through acts of extreme brutality, torture, or in acts of ritual abuse-torture) there is a void inside, perhaps described as am invisible hole running through you, from front to back.

The loss of a child-spirit core will be felt.  The feelings range from uneasiness, emptiness, to great loss. It may be surrounded by deep grief, but without a name associated to the feelings.  There might be a vague longing that can never be filled, no matter how hard you try.

Without understanding why you feel so empty, you will  begin to search for anything that will make you feel whole. In the process of searching you try different things to fill that void, that emptiness.  A relationship may work for a while then leave you hollow and used.  A chemical experiment may become an instant addition that you will never shake.

Sometimes you sink into a giant void with no way out.

Although your child-spirit is irrevocably changed, you can work to set a new one free.  A damaged core can be rebuilt into what you will become, and to your liking if you work at it.  Healing takes time so patience is the first consideration when trying to build a teen-spiri


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