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  • Bound
  • Can not run or hide
  • Chained to wall or table
  • Forced to wear a collar and chain
  • Fully at mercy of abuser
  • Gagged
  • Head covered, suffocated
  • Hung by neck
  • Locked up or held where you can not escape
  • Placed in closet or dark area
  • Confined to small space
  • Lack of free movement in home
  • Kept in isolation
  • Physically restrained from leaving
  • Prevented from fighting back or defending yourself
  • Prevented from escape
  • Restrained movements
  • Secured to bed
  • Stuffed in box or small area
  • Tied up or restrained for long periods of time
  • Blind folded
  • Suspended from ceiling
  • Arms restrained behind back
  • Arms restrained in front of body
  • Arms restrained behind knees
  • Arms restrained to feet
  • Restrained and lowered into water
  • Restrained and lowered into well 
    Bars on windows
  • Handcuffs
  • Locks on door
  • Chains
  • Rope
  • Barricades
  • Boards and nails
  • Cage
  • Box
  • Coffin
Dependent Child
  • Minor child, 13 years old or younger
  • Dependent upon generosity of captor
  • Financially dependent upon abuser
  • Unable to support self financially

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