Saturday, February 17, 2018

Key Elements - Child Violence

More details to explain Key Elements

WHO: Relationship to abuser  (Kin or non-kin) (family relationship (parent, sibling or relative (aunt, uncle); school (teacher, career counselor, peers, bus driver) other; baby sitter, priest)

WHO: Number of abusers (Different perpetrators inflict the same harm during a child's life, name them all)

WHAT: Name a specific traumatic event or multiple acts  of trauma experienced (broken bone, beating, rape, incest, unconsciousness, abandonment, etc.)

WHEN: Time of year as the memory is trigger by celebration with depression or revulsion (holiday, 4 seasons, birthday, Christmas, or specific date)

WHERE: Location where abuse took place (continuing fear of certain place into adulthood)

HOW: Age of child (ability of child to reason, maturity, developmentally able to form more than a 4 word sentence  to describe traumatic event, limited
vocabulary, infant's inability to speak, memory development) CAPTIVE: Dependent status as child 13 or younger (minor child in home, custody or visitation, forced participant in afterschool activity; abducted, kidnapped or held captive)

LENGTH: Duration of abuse, abandonment, brutality, torture: (one time event, multiple, over weeks, months or years, on going into teens, ongoing into adulthood)

WHY: This question may never be answered.

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