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Pregnancy of Mother: Whatever happens to the mom during her pregnancy, is experienced by her unborn child. Denial of food; Violent punches to the womb pumps the powerful drug adrenaline to her fetus; how that chemical might damage a developing fetus at different stages is yet unknown; ingesting illegal drugs or questionable quantities of alcohol: legal drugs since there is no proof or guarantees that drugs don't have adverse interactions. So little is known about the effects of chemicals on a developing fetus nothing is worth the risk.

Infant and Toddler: a drug addicted new born may be removed from custody of the mother; neglect and failure to thrive issues are generally due to lack of parenting skills, child development knowledge or parental addictions. Parents may be very young and experienced or raised in a violent home.

Early Child Battering/Abuse: is often considered "discipline" by the caregiver, a phenomenon often generational, that is, passed from one generation to another. A parent uses a beating as discipline and that child grows up to beat their own child. Violence is passed from one generation to another.

Psychological Child Abuse: is designed to destroy or prevent confidence or self-esteem building. Psychological acts of torture are intended to produce terror and are repetitive. It becomes relentless and increases in severity. This method is a well known and effective brain washing technique (Stockholm syndrome) especially during the formative years.

  • Threats to do bodily harm
  • Threats to harm pet.
  • Threats to harm loved one
  • Destruction of child's personal property; favorite toy, blanket or item.
  • Forcing a child to harm a loved one or be punished; beaten or locked up
  • Divorce War
  • Child Abandonment
  • Foster care

Physical Abuse: Begins with traditional acts of child abuse considered more a lack of parenting skills than a planned assault. Generational.

  • Beatings with fists or objects: is brutality. Planned assault
  • Injuries inflicted on a child: bruising, layered bruises, cracked or broken bones, brain swelling or permanent brain damage; comatose.
  • Withhold medical treatment: to inflict further punishment, child forced to sit in school quietly and not complain, parental denial of seriousness of injury or prevent arrest of perpetrator.

Physical Brutality: Beatings in excess of 30 minutes:

Physical Torture: the use of fire-heat to inflict pain, lethal weapons (gun, knives, vehicle ) to inflict injury; captive-bound: confining, restraining; chain to bed; locked in closet, suspended from wall or ceiling

If practiced on adults would be considered felony torture. Exactly why we give so little thought to the damage these acts have on a small child's body still baffles the author.

  • Witness harm to pet; witnessing brutality or torture of pet.
  • Witness the abuse, brutalization or torture of a loved one.
  • Forced to harm a loved one; hit, hurt their mother, for instance
  • Accomplice or participant in a crime against pets or loved one

Sexual Abuse: so common for children between birth an 13 years of age to experience that no adult should be surprised at what is written here.

Psychological Sexual Abuse: verbal put downs of a sexual nature; words used to embarrass, making fun of body development, ridicule, shaming, cruel words

Grooming: building the child's trust and that of family members to allow unsupervised contact with a child; may involve money, recreation, clothes, food, animals

Physical Sexual Abuse: is defined by many states as any contact, even though clothing, to the genital area of males and females and the breast area of females, from birth through 13 years old.

  • Pedophile; paedophile: who they are and how they operate. Picking a target/grooming a child and developing unsupervised access to a child.
  • Sexual Contact of a Minor: all sexual contact of genitals, even through clothing. of both male and females, and the breasts of female children, birth to 13 years of age, even through clothing.
  • Molestation: may involve non-touch such as showing a child pornography, fondling through clothing,

Physical Sexual Brutality: violence based on sexual contact accompanied by a relentless beating; punishment of a sexual nature; whipped for not cooperating

Physical Sexual Torture:

  • Incest: the highest level of betrayal, family member sexual abuse of their own kin from birth through 13 years old. More common in families than they would like to admit. What happens to the mind of a child who is forced to live as a dependent captivewith an incestuous ppedophile?
  • Pedophilia: build a child's trust then betray them in the most harmful way
  • Child rape: a violent sexual crime
  • Pregnancy or Abortion for Minor Child: a child of 13 or younger should never be put in a position to experience either.
  • Withhold medical treatment: to prevent perpetrator of sexual violence of a child from being discovered and prosecuted
  • Blaming the child: after sexual contact blaming the child until the child accepts responsibility and vows to keep the secret; embraces shame; frees to pedophile to find others without fear of exposure and prosecution; child carries misplaced guilt

Ritual Abuse-Torture:

  • The ritual abuse-torture of children born into or stolen by cults. It may answer the question why there are so many missing children who don't wander home 20 years later and tell their families what happened to them.
  • Bestiality
  • Sacrifice
  • Sexual Exploitation
  • Demonic

Withhold Medications/or Medical Treatment:

  • Withhold prescription drugs to further punish,
  • Withhold medical aid for injuries received from beatings, brutality or torturer
  • Withhold emergency treatment, to protect the perpetrator from likely prosecution.
  • Withhold minor surgery for cuts which form scars, reminding the child for life of what they endured.
  • Withhold setting broken bones which heal crooked
  • Withhold medicine or care in order to inflict more pain
  • Uses the cost of treatment or lack of medical insurance/money as the reason for no medical care

Keeping Secrets: how secrets prevent mental and emotional healing forever, or until the secret is revealed

Response to Abuse and Brutality and Sexual Trauma:

Kids raised in violence or as a sexual abuse target develop coping skills necessary to survive living in this hell on earth.

Track 1: turns rage inward to self-destruction
  • Begins as drug use, to fit in, to lessen pain or fear, experimenting; child feels normal for first time in life
  • Addictions develop in many forms; food, chemicals, behaviors, legal or illegal drugs, self-mutilation (cutting), obesity, anorexia, bulimia
  • Hording
  • Runaway, street kids
  • Repeat offender (chi-ult)
  • Prostitution
  • Drug mule
  • Gang member
  • Suicide attempts, suicide
  • Hopelessness, helplessness
Track 2: turns rage outward to harm others
  • Bully
  • Violent
  • Drug dealer
  • Drug manufacturer
  • Drug distributor
  • Harms animals
  • Arsonist
  • Sexual predator
  • pedophile
  • Rapist (serial)
  • Gang leader
  • Bestiality
  • Murder (serial)

Physical Response to Trauma: Temporary and Permanent Damage to Child's Body:

  • Physical Damage - Temporary: Injuries that produce bruises or require stitches, cuts, broken bones,
  • Physical Damage - Permanent: Injuries that require surgery, fractures, eye damage, brain damage, coma
  • Mental Damage - responsible for tics, stuttering, mental illness, anxiety attacks,

Sexual Response to Trauma: Temporary and Permanent Damage to Child's Body:

  • Physical Damage - Temporary: genital tearing, bruises on genitals, injuries that require stitches
  • Physical Damage - Permanent: Injuries that require surgery, fractures caused during sexual contace, permanent sterilization due to untreated sexually transmitted diseases (STD's)

Mental Response to Untreated Trauma:

  • Mental illness, various forms and severity;
  • Hallucinations, inability to give rational court testimony against their perpetrator or in their own self defense.
  • Street people, homelessness, bag ladies, chronic unemployable; repeat offenders

Chi-ult: Adults struggling to overcome harmful behaviors/addictions exhibit symptoms best described as a "chi-ult", a child-adult who remains emotionally frozen at the age when the most severe mind-altering trauma took place.

Private Family Matter exposes the ugly reality of child abuse-brutality-torture, in the USA and world-wide, to help heal wounded hearts and allow the real person to step forward. Once the secret is exposed to light and truth, it holds no destructive power over the persons Self.


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