Saturday, February 17, 2018

Lethal Weapon - Gun

  • Rifle

  • Pistol

  • BB gun

  • Automatic (fully)

  • Semiautomatic

  • Dart gun

  • Black powder gun

  • Illegal gun

  • Target pistol

  • Blanks pistol

  • Shotgun

  • Single shot

  • Sawed off shotgun

  • Service Revolver

  • Police issue pistol

  • Military assault weapon

  • Hunting rifle

  • Air gun

  • Air soft

  • Paint ball gun

  • Pellet gun

This is not about gun control! It is about a family member (or anyone) intentionally using a lethal weapon to threaten or physically harm a child, between birth and 13 years old.

For instance, a sibling who shoots a younger child with a BB gun traumatizes the child.  A child who is threatened with a gun, "to shoot" you, is especially terrorized if the child knows the destructive power of a weapon.

Adult alcoholics will relate these stories either when extremely intoxicated or when struggling in recovery.

Extreme trauma creates a "chi-ult," an adult who will remain at the same emotional age when the trauma took place, even as they mature into adulthood.  Repeat offenders are one example of a chi-ult.


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