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Pregnancy 13 Years Old

13 Years old or younger
  • Have you ever been pregnant at 13 years or younger?
  • How old were you at the time of pregnancy?
  • Were you pregnant one or two times at 13 or younger?
  • How old was the father of the baby?
  • Was the father married to someone else?
  • Did the father abandon you?
  • Did the father impregnate other girls your age?
  • Was the father a friend of the family?
  • Do you consider the father a pedophile?
How did you resolve the pregnancy?
  • Brought pregnancy full term
  • Lived at home
  • Lived with relatives
  • Lived in home for unwed mother
  • Natural child birth
  • Cesarean
  • No drugs
  • Some drugs
  • Father of infant takes part in raising child
  • Married father of infant
  • Father split upon news of pregnancy
  • Father was at delivery
Kept Child to Raise
  • Stayed with the father
  • Father has no contact with child
  • Live with parent's
  • Other _______
  • Continued with school
  • Dropped out of school to work
  • Dropped out of school to care for infant
  • Stayed home to care for infant and baby sit siblings while parent worked
  • Started work at 16 with a work permit
  • Have kept working
  • Signed up for welfare that was turned over to your caregiver
Support Self
  • At 18 began receiving welfare payments directly
  • Father of child pays child support
  • Father of child does not pay child support
  • Gave infant up for adoption through agency
  • Gave infant to family member
  • Gave infant to sibling to raise
  • Open adoption with full contact
  • Closed adoption without contact
  • You wanted abortion
  • You didn't want abortion
  • You felt abortion was wrong
  • You had no say in the matter
  • The abortion experience was very bad
  • The abortion experience was uncomfortable
  • The abortion experience was OK
  • Did you feel pressured at any time to follow a certain decision
  • Was it the father of the baby who pressured you
  • Was it your mother or father who pressured you
  • Who was it that pressured you
Your Feelings
  • Have always been comfortable with decision/choice
  • Choice was mine alone
  • Choice was made for me
  • Never wanted choice that was made for me
  • Regret choice
  • Have wondered how my baby is doing in life
  • Have tried to find my baby
  • Would like to find my baby
  • Cry over the loss of my baby
  • Feel inconsolable grief for giving up baby
  • Feel inconsolable grief for abortion
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Note: It is the authors understanding that the human central nervous system is not fully developed until around age 22 for both men and women.  In the interest of delivering healthy offspring, to adopt out or keep, women should not bear any baby until after their own bodies are fully developed and young males should not father offspring for the same reason.

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