Saturday, February 17, 2018

Protecting a Child

A parent can't guard against a professional pedophile who targets their child.  Parents are on the lookout for a predator, hanging on the playground fence with saliva dripping from fangs. They totally miss the slick, well-groomed neighbor who greets them cheerily each morning.  He could be married, with several children that interact with their own children. Pedophiles are experts at leading a double secret life.

How can a parent help protect their child?  Simply don't let your child attend functions where you are not present.  Sleep over's?  Weigh these very carefully.  The home they are going to may contain a pedophile teen, a visiting uncle or a family friend who tells them, "He/she lied. She/he came on to ME!"  And the adults, who should know better, will allow a lying sexual predator into their midst, with their eyes wide open, believing it is impossible to resist the advances of a child, regardless of the age!

Never happen in your own home?  Don't be so sure.  If there are rumors of inappropriate sexual contact within your family, check it out.  If you feel uncomfortable around a family member, ask questions.  If you had contact with a family member then you know not to EVER allow your child around the predator, regardless how that hurts grandma or grandpa at a family picnic!

Remove your embarrassment or the fear of what the neighbors will say and root it out.   Face the truth head-on.  Protect an innocent child. Speak up!  Stop keeping secrets. Stop protecting a pedophile.


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