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Adoption is Child Abandonment

(Adoption is not Euphoric for Abandoned Child)

Mother Gives Up Child
  • No child support
  • Rape
  • No ability to support child
  • Wants to go to school
  • No family support
  • Too young
  • Too old
  • Too poor
  • Poor health
  • Mentally ill
  • Not married
  • Family pressure
  • Boyfriend pressure
  • Family shame
  • Incest
  • Parents hate father
  • Father permanently absent
  • Father in jail or prison/death row
  • Product of one night stand
  • and a million other reasons
Child Placed for Adoption
  • Child placed for adoption by biological mother
  • Given to relative no adoption takes place *(May be cultural)
  • No relative would agree to adopt you
  • Cultural adoption within Native American family only
  • No known relatives

Locating Birth Parents

  • Want to find birth parents and ask them why?
  • How do you feel?
  • No interest in knowing birth parents
  • High desire to meet birth parents
  • Found out recently you were adopted
  • Knew all your life you were adopted
  • Feel abandoned; something is missin
Children in Foster Care Placed for Adoption by State
  • Adopted, at birth
  • Adopted, at 6 months or less
  • Adopted, before 1year old
  • Adopted, before 2 years old
  • Adopted, before 5 years old
  • Adopted, before 10 years old
  • Adopted, after 10 years old
  • Never adopted
  • Adoption, voluntary
  • Adopted,  from foster care
  • Adopted, involuntary
  • Adoption records sealed
  • Adoption, closed
  • Adoption, open
  • Orphaned
  • Parents are addicts
  • Abandoned at birth
  • Child born addicted; removed at birth
  • Removed when parent's) were incarcerated
Adoptive Home (It is based solely on the feelings of the adopted child)
  • Makes no difference
  • Loving adopted home
  • Abusive adopted home
  • Abusive adopted parents
  • Addicted adopted parents
  • Violent adopted parents
  • Adopted parents fight, divorce and end up hating each other
  • Sexual abuse takes place in adoptive home
  • Adopted child kicked out of home
  • Adopted child given back to state
  • Wonderful and loving home

Homosexual Adoptive Home

  • Sexual orientation of parents makes no difference
  • Does make a difference
  • Teased by peers
  • Friends parents wouldn't allow sleep overs
  • How does the adoptive child feel
  • Adopted as an infant or toddler
  • Adopted as a 5 year old or older
  • Was there sexual confusion as to role models




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