Friday, February 23, 2018

Are You A Missing Kid?

It is odd to others that so many missing children, presumed kidnapped, don't grow up and eventually come home or at least search for their family when they are older?

Why is it that children missing for 20 years don't suddenly decide as adults to find their family?

Even non-custodial stolen kids, abducted and brainwashed by a parent, surely would be curious about their missing parent.  Is brainwashing of kidnapped/stolen kids so thorough that no child ever wants to confront the missing parent?

I remember seeing the two girls whose father kidnapped and brain washed them years ago.  Their mental conversion was so complete they discounted entirely what their mother said.  Maybe that is what happens - kidnapped kids are brainwashed completely.

But I also wonder, is there an interstate ring of men and women who use other children to recruit or coax children to a waiting van?  Is there a pedophile ring, an extension of NAMBLA, that promotes sex with kids (boys) and therefore needs a continuing supply of pre-puberty little boys?  What happens to those kids?  We don't hear a story from a man who lived to tell about their experience.  Is it because the boy becomes a pedophile too - a member in good standing with NAMBLA?  Or are these boys killed at puberty and then discarded in a landfill or mine shaft? 

Is there a place in the US where pedophiles can dispose of a child's body after it is no longer of use?  Is there a business operating a legitimate crematorium, such as a pet cemetery, that also will dispose of these used up children?  Or is there an isolated wheat farm that uses bone chips as a cheap crop fertilizer?

I would like to hear from kids who experienced a sudden change in family structure without much explanation.  Or, are there kids out there that witnessed what happened to stolen children?  Perhaps participated in kidnapping of children?

Were you told your parent abandoned you or didn't want you, or died but you have never been to the grave?  Are you curious?



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