Friday, February 23, 2018

Divorce War

Children are used as weapons to hurt the other spouse.  The practice is immature and hurts the chilld immensely because the chjild loves both parents. Divorce war teaches and rewards the child for being vindictive, revengeful and to hate, real or imagined slights.  The child will grow up to waste many years and relationships before they realize his/her parents were wrong to set this example. 


Custody Battle

  • Parents fight over visitation
  • Fight over days of weekly visits
  • Fight over holidays
  • Medical insurance
  • Who has what clothes at what house
  • Who bought the child more stuff
  • Who love the child more
  • Which one takes care of the child more
  • Provides the best home, vacations, material possessions

Child Care

  • When child visits non custodial parent she is left with baby sitter
  • Step parent or most recent person they are living with is the child care giver
  • Child care giver of either parent is a boyfriend/girlfriend which rotates frequently
  • Quality of visit is judged by the gifts given, even if the parent is off on a business trip
  • Non custodial parent is at the bar all the time
  • Non custodial parent is drinking and boozing so child is not allowed around them
  • Boozing parent is a successful businessman/woman who is an alcoholic or known drug addict
  • Parents talk bad about the other parent to the child
  • Child hates going to the non custodial parent
  • Child is forced by the court and being too young to have a say in court to give their preference
  • Child is forced to choose one parent over the other
  • Child  is acutely aware of the behavior changes when a parent is drinking or using drugs
  • Parents make each other miserable but only hurt the innocent child who loves them both
  • Child knows that money and expensive presents are in order if they tolerate the addiction

Child Torture

  • Child is forced to say they hate the other parent
  • Child is forced to hit the other parent
  • Child is forced to spy on parent and report back
  • Child is forced to say mean things to parent's new partner
  • Child is forced to choose out loud which parent they want to live with
  • Child is punished severely if they don't choose most powerful parent
  • Child is mentally twisted by one or both parents
  • Child is told the other parent is dead
  • Child is taken to underground network and hidden
  • Child is forced to live with convicted pedophile parent
  • Child is forced to visit abusive parent
  • Child is forced to live with parent who killed mother

Child Cruelty

  • Hides child to punish parent
    Child is kidnapped by other parent
    Child is taken out of state and never heard from again
    Disappears with children so custodial parent has no idea where children are
    Takes kids from school without permission
    Allows or encourages kids to hit or kick parent
    Makes children target of violence to punish spouse
    Makes Mom watch as he punishes or injures child for what she has reportedly done or not done

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