Saturday, February 17, 2018

Lethal Weapons - Psychological Harm - Guns

This is absolutely not about gun control.  It is the authors opinion that if every household was armed and trained in the use of guns, crimes would be reduced by 2/3rds.  This is about the damaging effects of using weapons to scare little kids, which no legitimate gun owner would ever do to a child. 

Direct Threats to Child

  • Tell child to choose weapon they want to be killed with
  • Verbally threaten to harm child with gun
  • Point loaded pistol at child and tell him, "I could kill you."
  • Tells child he/she will have to shoot loved one
  • Repeatedly, relentlessly points loaded gun at child and threateens to "take you out."
  • Shoots child in legs or body (targeted so the bruises won't show) with BB gun
  • Shoots with paint ball gun for the same effect


Indirect Threats of Bodily Harm

  • Spin chamber
  • Cleaning weapon and making threat
  • Insert clip
  • Fire into air
  • Load clip
  • Pull trigger to hear "click"
  • Russian Roulette
  • Point empty gun at child and make threats
  • Load and verbally threaten to harm


Threats to Others

  • Threatening neighbors
  • Slowly load gun while telling c
  • Tells child, aftter I load this you will have to kill your pet.:"
  • Tells child, "After I load this I will kill your mom."
  • Threaten to kill self
  • Threaten to kill ex spouse's partner
  • Threatens to kill cops if they come to the door
  • Threatens to kill neighbor
  • Point at child's mother and threaten to kill her
  • Point at child's pet and threaten to kill it

Suicide Talk

  • Talks of committing suicide while cleaning or loading weapon
  • Points gun at head or chest
  • Tells child they will have to kill him/her
  • Points gun at body and says they will play Russian roulette
  • Many times puts one bullet in gun and spins chamber
  • May pull trigger and may not

Once again, this is not about gun control! It is about a family member (or anyone) intentionally using a lethal weapon to psychologically terrorize a child, between birth and 13 years old.

Adult alcoholics will relate these types of stories either when really drunk and mumbling or when struggling to stay sober in recovery.

Extreme trauma, created by the threats with lethal weapons, creates a "chi-ult," an adult who will remain frozen at the emotional age when the trauma took place, even as they mature into adulthood. 



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