Saturday, February 17, 2018

Parental Addiction

Parental Addiction is Child Abandonment
A stoned or drunk parent is not emotionally available to their child.  Much of the parents energy is focused on obtaining their next fix.  They replay the routine needed to get more drugs.  Money is always an issue as their craving increases.
  • Addicted to crack or coke, and can't quit
  • Addiction so great it will never get better
  • Stoned or drunk parent isn’t emotionally available to the child; mentally vacant
  • Stoned parent can't function; can't parent
  • Child become responsible for parent
  • Family finances go towards addictive substances; no money for school clothes, food, housing
Parents are not mentally able to parent
  • Young children have no help with hygiene
  • Children go to school dirty and ragged; their hair not combed
  • Child is prostituted out to pay for parents drugs
Parental addiction creates additional emotional trauma for children.
  • Police raid on home which further traumatizes the child
  • Drug dealer threatens to kill parent in front of child
  • Police raid on drug house while children sit in car waiting for loved one
  • Parents placed in handcuffs while children scream and cry
  • Children removed from home and placed in foster care
  • Parents drug addictions prevent them from completing state requirements to get child back
  • Parents are in jail or prison for drug crimes
  • See Foster Care

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