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One child is singled out as the family scapegoat.  Upon the shoulders of a small child all the burdens of the family rest in the form of blame. 

  • Adult blames child for not setting clock alarm so they are late for work
  • Blamed for lack of family finances
  • Blame does not pertain to child's maturity to handle adult responsibility
  • Scapegoat is always blamed for some else being late to school or work
  • Child is blamed for not reminding adult to fill car with gas
  • Scapegoat is blamed for family being kicked out of apartment when it is adult partying that is the real reason
  • Child is blamed for every conceivable family problem.
  • Blamed for family breakup
  • Blamed for divorce
  • For not receiving child support
  • Scapegoat is blamed for father not visiting
  • Scapegoat is blamed any sibiling getting hurt'
  • Scapegoat is blamed for not watching sibling when they aren't even home
  • Other family members also put blame on the family scapegoat.
  • Sister can't find sweater she left at school
  • Blamed for poor grades of other siblings
  • Being kicked out of an apartment for non payment of rent
  • Gives the adults of the family a place to dump excuses


Over the years the scapegoat receives so much blame, for so many reasons, and from all family members that when the child is blamed they too accept whatever is the issue as their fault.  Adults will blame the scapegoat for being fired from a job, because the alarm wasn't set, not because the parent got so drunk the night before they didn't hear the alarm go off.  But the child will accept the blame without question.

Eventually the child will immediately and verbally accept the blame before they are even accused, the brainwashing being so complete






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