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Psychological Torture

Psychological torture is designed to permanently destroy part or all of the Spirit-Self. It is easy to accomplish in the undeveloped mind of an innocent child using one or more methods.  Sometimes outside influences such as bullying at school, reinforces the helplessness a child feels at home. Methods are methodical and planned while outside influences, occurring at school or church, is random.  All combine to undermine the child's confidence and self esteem.

Divorce War:

Child Abandonment Issues:

Family Abuse and Neglect:

  • Witness the torture of pet
  • Witness mother being beaten and child is helpless to prevent injury to their loved one
  • Watch as a pet is kicked and beaten
  • Child is forced to abuse loved one
  • Child is forced to harm pet or be hurt
  • Child is beaten with objects and weapons
  • Child is held captive, locked in home, confined
  • Child is starved, food is a reward and lack of food is a brutal punishment
  • Parents are stoned so child is alone, even if someone is at home
  • Parents are absent much of the time
  • May have a bully as as member of the family
  • Child is the family scapegoat

Outside Abuse:

  • Child witness to gang violence and dangerous street violence
  • Witness drive by shootings
  • Family member killed by gang member
  • Child is terrorized by bully on their way to school
  • School bully antagonizes child in school showers
  • Child fears living in neighborhood but trapped by circumstances


  • Child is teased and taunted at school
  • Made fun of
  • Ridiculed
  • Shamed and humiliated
  • Followed and terrorized


  • This is a very painful and disturbing terror for the target of aggression
  • Bullies are often coached at home and rewarded for aggression
  • Bullies may be severely punished at home for any show of weakness such as crying
  • Bullies at school are often tortured at home using the same methods
  • A bully targeted child lives under extreme stress
  • Bullies are often siblings who practice this force of domestic terror at home before they unleash their cruelty on outsiders
  • Bullies often have a bully parent or guardian who teaches and rewards them for aggressive behavior


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