Saturday, February 17, 2018

Fire/Burn/Heat/Hot Injuries

Fire, heat, hot, burns seem to be a favorite torture method to "discipline" little kids.  Adults surely know how painful a small burn can be so why would they inflict such horrific pain on a little child? 



First-degree burns


Confined to small area of body

Eyelashes burned off

Hair burnt off

Some loss of hair or eyebrows, singed

Red skin

Small blister

Some pain



Second Degree burns


Blister management

Deeper tissue burning

Cleanliness important

Danger of infection may cause third degree injury

Keep area clean

Diaper rash causing scarring

Smell burning flesh

Second layer of skin burned

Skin peeled


Third-degree burns


Skin grafts

Targeted body parts covered by clothing so injuries don't show

Flesh burned to bone

Danger of infection

Iron imprint on leg or arm

Lower extremities burned 

Multiple skin grafts

Permanent hair loss


Ears burned off

Upper body burns

Violently sick


Loss of fingers, toes

Loss of hand or arm

Loss of eye or ear

Loss of hair follicles

Loss of lips, nose, or ears

Facial features permanently altered

Burned lungs

Loss of legs

Loss of genitals

Loss of speech

Loss of hearing

Loss of sight

Damage to lungs and nostrils

Hands, arms, or legs amputated

Loss of limbs

Deep scarring

Child's body left mutilated

Fingers and/or toes burned off

Burns causes blindness

Facial scars

Body damage from fire or chemical burns



Reconstructive Surgery


Requires plastic surgery

Painful skin grafts




Pain Management


Pain of burns

Pain of surgery

Scar tissue on growing body

Scars from head to toe (infant) from laying in soiled bed

Body burned over 30 percent

Body burned over 50 percent

Lifetime of pain

Permanently disabled

Permanently disfigured

Requires prosthesis







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