Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Void

In cases of long term, extreme abuse-brutality-torture and sexual abuse-brutality-torture, the child-spirit can be altered, twisted and/or destroyed.  The ability to feel compassion,sympathy or love, is wiped out. 

In its place is a huge black hole, devoid of human feeling or human emotions. In the hollow area feelings are non existent; a bottomless pit, sterile, dark.

It explains why some people commit horrendous crimes against other human beings.  It is the authors speculation, rather than first hand knowledge, that serial torturers who commit heinous crimes against others, experienced horrific  violence, repeated, relentless for many months or years and great intensity.  It would explain a serial killers ability to inflict such high level of suffering without feeling anything but satisfaction at the misery they inflict.

It is not known if a person so utterly destroyed can rebuild their child-spirit enough to experience human feelings again. It is too dangerous to make the idea an experiment.

Children may exhibit some of these symptoms early in life:

  • Face is a mask
  • Expressionless
  • Frozen watchfulness
  • Unable to love
  • Unfeeling
  • Can't cry
  • No emotion
  • Can't feel emotional pain
  • Lack compassion on all levels
  • Twisted thoughts and feelings
  • Only feel emotion when inflicting pain on animals or humans
  • The perfect child - To hide their true intent
  • Invisable or stealth child - able to be in a room yet no one sees them, practises sneaking up on people

Growing up in The Void a child goes through the motions but their eyes do not reflect the light of a Spirit.  Looking into the eyes of a person living in The Void, is like looking into the eye of a snake.  No soul exists.


They may be very smart, able to sail through classes because they are not weighted down by life's experiences and human emotions.  Everything they say is programmed.


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