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Child Sexual Torture

Sexual Income Exploitation of Children - Child Slavery
Child Virgin Sales
  •  Virgin child brides sold for money, property, jewelry, food
  • Hymen is sewn to resell "virgin" over and over again
  • Virgin children are sold to pedophiles
Personal Sexual Horrification
  • Accomplice to sexual torture of loved ones
  • Child has been forced to witness deviant acts of parent or sibling
  • Child is unable to defend or protect a loved one from harm
  • Forced into mind bending and twisting acts
  • Forced to harm a loved one
  • Forced to perform degrading acts
  • Forced to wear a collar and chain
  • Forced to witness or participate in acts of bestiality
  • Hear the cries of a loved one
  • See the injuries to a loved one
  • There is no end to the ways in which to harm children
  • Witness incestuous rape
  • Witness to family incest of sibling
  • Witness to sexual torture of others
  • Witness to violence against a loved one
  • All forms of media controlled
  • Education steeped in religious teachings as interpreted by man
  • Home schooled
  • Instill fear or terror of outside world
  • Kept inside fenced area
  • No access to education
  • No access to free thought
  • No access to public media; all information is controlled by religious, cult or clan leader
  • No access to travel, vacations, worldly experiences or world publications
  • No access to TV, phone, outside world
  • No friends
  • No memory of abuse
  • No social life
  • Not allowed to shop or visit local town
  • Not allowed to spend night at friends home
  • TV channels government run and edited for content
  • Use God/Allah/Jehovah to instill fear or control
Children used to Kidnap New Victims
  • Lure kids to van
  • Capture others for use in ritual abuse
  • Build trust with other kids
Child Pornography
  • Pornography in magazines, videos, picture
  • Video or photographs of naked child for pornographic purposes
  • Video tapes child in sex acts to sell to NAMBLA members and underground
  • Child pornography photos, videos, website
  • What is the mental health of a former child pornography survivor?
  • Pornography distribution of minors
  • Pornography filming/videos of minors
  • Pornography procurement of minors
  • Pornographic pictures of infants, toddlers and young children being sexually abused
  • Video taping child in sexual poses
  • Film of sex acts with pedophile
Income Producing for Family
  • Daughters of poor families are financially exploited
  • Dependent upon generosity of captor for necessities
  • Do we think little kids don't suffer as they mature and become aware of what they were forced to do?
  • Drugs for sex, food, place to sleep
  • Financial exploitation on the web (such as a child's website featuring young kids in skimpy clothing) in seductive poses
  • Financially dependent upon abuser
  • For money or gifts the audience is allowed to touch
  • Hook up pedophiles to juvenile victims
  • Human trafficking
  • Income for procuring new victims
  • Increased money for sexual contact
  • Money paid so adult can change "baby"
  • Parent trades child for drugs
  • Promised food, shelter, safety for sex
Ritual Preparation for Child Sexual Brutalization
  •  Young girls are forced to produce babies when their body isn't fully developed until the age of 22
  • Bleach poured over body to purify
  • Forced to gargle with alcohol or other strong chemical
  • Given laxatives to clean system
  • Scrubbing genitals with a brush
  • Scrubbing with harsh brush to make child "pure and clean"
Response to Violent Atrocities
  •  Acts of such horrific sexual abuse that the child becomes mentally ill
  • Break Mind-Spirit of Child
  • Intentionally raise level of pain to force unconsciousness
  • Multiple personalities
  • Split personality
  • Vague memory of trauma
  •  Abducted
  • aptive status through isolation
  • Coaxed
  • Held captive in a locked environment
  • Never leaving compound
  • No chance of escape
  • Physically restrained from leaving
  • Prevented from escape
  • Prevented from moving
  • Prevented from  fighting back or defending yourself
  • Prisoner
  • Promise of a job
  • Stolen
  • Stuffed in box or small area
  • Suspended
Child Marriage (Sexual Slavery) and Pregnancy
  • Child bride is groomed to fulfill wifely duties
  • Choice is denied because of immaturity; brainwashing
  • Consummated marriage 13 and younger is a violation of a child's human rights
  • Females have no voice in birth control
  • Groomed for polygamy
  • Husband makes all decisions based on religious law of country in which they live
  • Mother's stand by silently while men use and abuse little girls
  • Old men marry premenstrual females
  • Women brainwashed into accepting polygamy
  • Forced marriage
  • Parents sell child into marriage or slavery
  • Sold by father, parent or grandparent
  • Family is paid for child bride (13 and younger)
  • "dowry" paid to family of child bride
  • Parents prostitute child under "marriage" law
Polygamy, regardless of age of the female, she has no choice or say in the matter, financially dependent female over 18 years of age or dependent as female 17 years old or younger, male dominated family or group, living in incestuous or pedophile relationships in violation of local, national or international law, in violation of religious instruction from a practicing organization or branch or refereed to as an offshoot of a recognized religion, due to bias of male dominated religious, a minor child, a family pressure, living in a recognized cult, a want-a-be cult, imposed through kidnapping, leader or father figure is mental ill, pressure brought about by a groups leader,  religious, cult, compliance due to lack of public education, formal education, accredited public school,
  • Polygamy, incest with relative
  • Polygamy, underage marriage child 13 years or younger
  • Promised in marriage by family leader prior to or shortly after birth
  • Religious teachings based on male dominance not associated with any formally recognized religion
  • Religious teaching s in a major recognized religion
  • Religious written statements banning certain human rights violations to all females
  • uneducated
  • Would like to seek political asylum in a country that allowed full freedom

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