Saturday, February 17, 2018

Personal Sexual Horrification

More ways to horrify a child and forever alter their core.
Child is Forced to Cooperate
  • Forced to participate in sexual abuse of loved one
  • Forced to witness sexual abuse of loved one
  • Forced into bestiality
  • Forced prostitution
  • Forced into Ritual Sexual Abuse
  • Forced child marriage
  • Forced child abortion
  • Forced to choose the loved one to be next
  • Forced to submit to sexual contact or be beaten

Psychological Sexual Trauma

  • Listen to a rape in the next room (may be loved one)

Threatening Words for Fear of Discovery

  • Tells child state will take them away if they tell
  • Tells young child mother will be hurt if they tell
  • Threatening the child to "keep our little secret"


  • Forced to lure other kids into car
  • Forced to destroy evidence of crime
  • Forced to cover up death/murder
Threats of Death
  • Threats of death to child
  • Threats of death against loved ones
  • Threats of death to pet
  • Threats backed up with a show of violence
Witness to Sexual Violence
  • Witness to family brutality
  • Witness sibling sexually tortured or teased
  • Witness assault of loved one
  • Witness relentless sexual battering of loved one
  • Witness sexual violence against pets
  • Witness assault of family acquaintance
  • Witness to incest
  • Witness to relentless sexual violence
  • Witness to sex crimes against others
  • Witness to child marriages
  • Witness to child abortion
  • Witness to child kidnappings

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