Saturday, February 17, 2018

Lesbian Child Sexual Abuse

An examply of non-touch, lesbian sexual abuse of a child.


2002 - My first up-close encounter with a Lesbian couple happened while I worked at a truck stop. They changed their names so I don't need to change them again.

When I met them the man of the couple was named Hope. I thought it an odd name for such a physically stocky, very short person. Then I found out her real name Louise. She didn't like the name so she decided to be called by something else.

Hope dressed as a man including mans shirts and pants, a leather belt with a long chain holding her wallet. Her hair was cropped short in the common style of Lesbians imitating men. She wore baggy shirts tucked in but that didn't mask the fact she had woman's breasts.

She strutted like Danny in the movie Grease. She had to. Her breasts got in the way of how her arms hung to the side. She couldn't straighten them out so she swung them when she walked and tilted side to side which made her strut.

Her girlfriend, whom she later married in California, was named Maria, but her legal name was Deena Ann. She was actually beautiful with long blond hair and a small curvy frame. She was barely 18 when I first met her. The truck drivers all hit on her but she would tell them she was a lesbian and had a girlfriend. How long they knew each other before hooking up is still a mystery.

The woman formerly known as Louise, who was now known as Hope, had been married. From that union two boys were born. When I knew them the boys were 6 and 5 years old. They were quiet as mice when in the truck stop. Just one look from their mother, who was now their dad, silenced them. When they laughed out loud her face would turn into dark fury.

The boys were told to call their real mother "dad" and their mothers girlfriend, who was formerly known as Deena Ann but now answering to Louise, "mother" or "mommy". It was so confusing to the adults I worked with, let alone those little boys.

Regardless of how we felt, Hope the Dad ruled that family with an iron hand. One day she described how much fun she had that morning.

When she got out of the shower, she knew everyone was still asleep in the same bed, so for fun she jumped on the bed wet and naked and ran around yelling for everyone to get up! She even bounced up and down so everyone would wake up. One child flipped out onto the floor. The boys surely got an eye full with that image burned into their brain!

I could only wonder how the boys would become men and fathers, after living in such a confusing mess.

  • Their "mother" used to be a woman in body and spirit and gave birth to them the old fashioned way.
  • Their "mother" was now their "father" in name only.
  • Their "father" had boobs, wore a bra and menstruated. She/he had a vagina and used tampons.
  • Their "father" wore men's clothing and cut her hair short as proof she/he was a man
  • The mothers girlfriend was absolutely to be called mother.
  • And this was enforced in the most unpleasant way.
  • Their real mothers roommate was now a step parent and sleeping in the same bed
  • Their birth father lived in another state .
  • T boys visit was supposed to be temporary.
  • The boys saw both their now "father and mother" (mother and roommate) naked and both bodies were the same.
  • The boys looked at their own bodies and wondered what the hell was going on!
  • Hope reported the kids at school teased the older boy unmercifully since their "father" was a proud and vocal participant at PTA meetings.
  • Hope used the ladies bathroom at the truck stop and sent the boys to the "men's" room
  • They reported sex in various places in the house but only when Hope drank whiskey and jumped on the little woman

Children are not miniature adults. They do not have the capability of reasoning or abstract thinking. They think in black and white while very young, lie and truth. Therefore it is very mentally damaging to force children to accept as normal something very abnormal. A human portraying the opposite sex is abnormal on every level.

But children, seeking and needing love, will accept even the most obvious lies. Even as those lies, twist their mind.

Count society lucky indeed if the very least damage that develops from these boys being raised in such a dysfunctional home is they merely hate all women.

On the other hand, the worst could be another Jeffrey Dahlmer, Charlie Manson, famous serial killer, famous serial sexual predator or some other deviant we haven't heard of yet. There are many complicated forces at work in child sexual abuse, both mental and physical, and as a witness or as an unwilling accomplice or participant. As these boys mature, how will their step mom view them?

With such little self control or basic child development knowledge, these boys are at risk for sexual predators, of either sex.


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