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Pedophiles have six main characteristics.  First, the target of their sexual interest is  children, birth through 13 years old.  A pedophile may be an acquaintance, adult or even another child.  It may be an relative or neighbor.  The person may be known to the child or a complete stranger. It may be a family member or your parents golf partner, a siblings best friend's cousin just out of jail, or a trusted community leader.

The second thing is, their sexual contact with children must be kept secret.

Third, pedophiles choose a child based on characteristics that stimulate their sexual arousal.  It is often the body shape, perhaps a slender build, or an angelic face.  It may be the color of their hair or the way they stand.  It might be a chubby girl who no one plays with.  They are lonely and make it much easier to befriend.

Four, pedophiles are defined as sexually attracted to, stimulated by and/or only able to reach sexual satisfaction by contact with the undeveloped bodies of children from infancy to 13 years of age.

Five, pedophiles never, ever, diminish their insatiable appetites for the hairless, undeveloped bodies of little kids.

Six, pedophiles do not check their deviant behavior at the border upon return from an overseas sex tour featuring minor children.

(Remember incestuous pedophiles do not need to groom and have free access to family members.)

It is important to understand the relationship of pedophile to innocent child victim.

  • Incestuous pedophiles are family members, often a parent or sibling, perhaps an uncle or grandparent.
  • Acquaintance pedophiles are often friends of the family or at least known to the family
  • The location of sex abuse often takes place at home but can occur in any place.
  • Pedophile operates from a position of power and control
  • It is a carefully planned assault
  • Sibling incest is common
  • Blended families harbor juvenile pedophiles.
  • Stranger pedophiles are rare and don’t groom a child.  They abduct, violate then dispose of the body.

Identify Pedophile Rapists by Age Group Targeted

  • Infant Pedophile Rapist (Infant to 2 years old)
  • Toddler Pedophile Rapist (3 to 4 years old)
  • Child Pedophile Rapist (5 to 10 years old)
  • Preteen Pedophile Rapist  (11 to 13 years old)
  • Vulnerable Rapist (Handicapped, mentally impaired, bed ridden)

Select a Victim

  • Based on certain qualities (color of hair, body shape, age, vulnerability)
  • Can be one or the other sex or both
  • Build trust
  • Be friendly and not pushy
  • Slowly builds child's trust

Family Control - Non family member

  • Build trust of parents, confidence of child
  • Ingratiate into family
  • Available for favors
  • May offer to babysit or pick up/deliver child to school or activity
  • Mediator between parent and child
  • Becomes only one that can control a child
  • Talk a long time to calm a child down
  • Absent parent makes child very vulnerable
  • Buy gifts for family
  • Poverty may give pedophile the opportunity to buy food, clothes, take the child places, pay electric bill for family
  • Lack of awareness the parent has regarding pedophiles and their mode of operation
Incestuous Pedophiles
  • Opportunist
  • Has unquestioned access to young family members
  • Relied upon to babysit
  • Access to bedroom and all living areas of home
  • No need to groom child
There is no way to protect your child from a sexual predator.  Children are easily manipulated by adults, there is no doubt about that.  Children are not miniature adults.  They have not developed reasoning skills yet.  They are no match for a sexual predator so don't give a child hope that they have been fully trained in warding off a person intent on harming them.
The best defense against a sexual predator is to never leave your child alone with anyone.  And be keenly aware that sexual predators lurk in even good families.  If you hear rumors of a sexual predator in your family, don't ignore the issue.  Fully investigate and be willing to prosecute if necessary. 

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