Saturday, February 17, 2018

Psychological Sexual Abuse 2

Pre-teen dating makes young, inexperienced, vulnerable girls very easy targets for older boys.  Dating should not start until the girl is 16.  Young girls are easily manipulated and controlled, which leads quickly to domestic violence issues.

Undermines Sense of Attractiveness and Confidence

  • Tells her she is "constantly flirting" with every guys she talks to
  • Demands partner loses more weight to be "sexy"
  • Says "I will be faithful" but cheats with your best friend
  • Says, "Geez, I thought you could take a joke"
  • Constant jokes, comments or rude put downs about the size of a child's penis
  • Openly flirts with others while on a date with you
  • Discusses embarrassing things in from of your peers
  • Best friend sleeps with partner; begs forgiveness then does it again
  • Stops apologizing for hurtful/hateful remarks
  • Jokes become vulgar and embarrassing
  • Ugly jokes said about the opposite sex
  • Comments become increasingly repulsive
  • Any hurtful statement followed immediately by 'I'm just kidding."  This is often used by girls to dis each other


  • Calls other girls  "whore" "slut" if they wear make up
  • Calls you a "whore" if you wear even lip gloss
  • Says you look beautiful without makeup and don't need it
  • Says makeup causes an allergic reaction and not to wear it "please"
  • You stop wearing makeup so he doesn't get ill
  • Caught him kissing and necking with girl who wears heavy makeup
  • Says he was only trying to overcome allergy
  • He rips open your purse and destroys all your makeup while calling you names
  • Any repeated comments to control or manipulate or gain a desired behavior

Says "I love you but want to sleep with others" isn't just a double standard but is a way to keep you off balance


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