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Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse of a Child (USA)


In the United States, birth through 13 years old, this is the defination of child sexual abuse:

  • Touching a female child's breasts through clothing, 13 years or younger, is felony sexual assault
  • Touching a male or female child's genitals through clothing, 13 years or younger, is felony sexual assault
  • Any sexual act against the child's will
  • Any sexual act against the law, regardless whether the minor, 13 or younger, gives consent.  The court recognizes that children do not have the mental capability to give permission and therefore must be protected by law.
  • Attempted sexual penetration
  • Forcing child into oral sex
  • Coercion
  • Fingering
  • Fondling
  • Sexual Assault (rape)

In most states, if not all, all sexual contact of the genital area, even through clothing of a child 13 years old and younger, is against the law.  It also includes the breast area of a girl.

Children this age do not have the legal power to give sexual consent.  They are too young and immature to make this decision.

No child is too young for sexual abuse including tiny newborns

Sadly, the most common sexual abuse is incest.  These are the laziest of pedophiles. A family member merely walks to the sleeping child's bedroom.

Intentional acts of violence, designed to cause fear, shame, guilt, humiliation to exert the highest level of power and control over another.  Demands silence and keeping the secret to prevent perpetrator of violence from being discovered and subsequently punished for their crimes.  Indoctrination and submersion into unwanted belief system. Forced religious indoctrination brainwashing and torture. Mind control over dependent child, between birth and 13 years old.

Sexual brutality and sexual torture are a common occurrence in young children. These violent acts happen with trusted family friends or the pastor of the local church.  Rich kids and poor kids are targets of pedophiles between birth and 13 years old.  There is no exception.  If the child fits the profile that triggers sexual desire in the pedophile, he/she will relentlessly pursue the child.

Sexual contact with a child is the most damaging means available to warp and twist a young mind for life.  A vulnerable child cannot escape a predator. Sexual abuse of a child, 13 years old and younger is therefore a form of torture, on almost every level of physical contact.   Sentences for convicted child sexual predators, in every state, should include life sentences without parole and include an automatic death sentence for certain heinous sex crimes against children.  Because judges and presidents can offer clemency as family favors or political repayments, society must have a way to protect vulnerable children from predators.  Children should come first.

The willful infliction of injury, unreasonable confinement, intimidation, or punishment with physical harm, pain, or mental anguish. (Source : HCFA)


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