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Sexual Abuse Examples

Child Sexual Torture

 No medication given to ease the pain or infection

  • 3 year old choked to death by sperm 
  • Allows deviate experimentation on child 13 years or younger
  • Anal sex
  • Blindfolded before oral sex
  • Bound in chains during sex
  • Bound naked and put on group display
  • Child sodomized
  • Child beat into submission
  • Child choked to unconsciousness
  • Child forced to masturbate others
  • Child forced to masturbate self
  • Child forced to use diapers to relieve self
  • Child given drugs to blur memory
  • Child starved into submission
  • Double anal sex
  • Double oral sex
  • Film of sex acts with pedophile
  • For money or gifts the audience is allowed to touch
  • Forced to perform degrading acts
  • Gang raped
  • Group copulation, masturbation, and ejaculation as initiation
  • Group ritual sex with minors
  • Homosexual pornographic material is shown
  • Increased money for sexual contact
  • Masochist
  • Money paid so adult can change "baby"
  • Not allowed bathroom privileges
  • Performing a rite in conjunction with physical pain
  • Pornography in magazines, videos, picture
  • Prostitute hired to “teach” the kids
  • Prostitutes child to others at party
  • Rag put in mouth for silence
  • Sewing hyman shut repeatedly to resell virgin
  • Ritual abuse of loved one or other person
  • Ritual deflowering
  • Sadism
  • Sex acts that create fear, horror, terror, and provoke mental damage
  • Sodomized to "teach lesson", punish, hurt and inflict pain
  • Stripped naked in front of others and then beaten
  • Tied to bed naked and spread eagle
  • Tied to raping table
  • Use of ancient medieval tortures and punishments
  • Use of sex toys
  • Video or photographs of naked child for pornographic purposes
  • Video tapes each other
  • Whips


4 Types of Female Genital Mutilation

           From the website:

  1. Clitorisdectomy, which involve the partial or total removal of the clitoris
  2. Excision, which is the second, involves the removal of the clitoris and the labia minora.
  3. Infibulations involve the complete removal of the clitoris and labia as well as the inner surface of the labia majora
  4. Unclassified FGM, which is the fourth type, involves pricking, piecing or incision of the clitoris and or labia, burning of the clitoris and surrounding tissues, scrapping or cutting of the vagina or surrounding tissues and with the introduction of corrosive substances or herbs into the vagina. It also includes the pulling of the labia minora or smaller lips to make them long.


 In the United States, birth through 13 years old, this is the defination of child sexual abuse:

  • Touching a female child's breasts through clothing, 13 years or younger, is felony sexual assault
  • Touching a male or female child's genitals through clothing, 13 years or younger, is felony sexual assault
  • Any sexual act against the child's will
  • Any sexual act against the law, regardless whether the minor, 13 or younger, gives consent.  The court recognizes that children do not have the mental capability to give permission and therefore must be protected by law.
  • Attempted sexual penetration
  • Forcing child into oral sex
  • Coercion
  • Fingering
  • Fondling
  • Sexual Assault (rape)















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