Saturday, February 17, 2018

Abuse by Family Members

The billion dollar media world wide is bent on destroying the innocence of children around the world.  Nothing is off limits to young children even though their minds can not understand.  Why do we want our children to bypass innocence?  Emotionally they remain immature, regardless of how much vulgarity they spew from their mouths.  You can thank MTV,  videos, movies, cable, networks, television programs, vulgar sitcoms, adult cartoons masking as kids programing, magazines with sleazy titles, and all the other gimmicks Hollywood and global media uses to lure viewers.  Morally, the USA is in the toilet when it comes to valuing and protecting its most innocent and vulnerable citizens.  L:ittle wonder there is a rise in pedophilia crimes since,  as a country and a once great nation,  there seems to be less a line between a protected child and a consenting adult.   Why has childhhood innocence been discarded?

Sexual Name Calling by Family Members

  • Calling a child of 4 a "bastard" "bitch" "cocksucker"
  • Calling a child of 6 a "whore" or "cunt" or "lesbian" or "homo"
  • "Little Bitch"
  • Repeated sexual name calling over a child's lifetime

Sexual Put Downs by Family Members

  • You don't know how to please anyone."
  • Sexual put down of mother
  • Daily comments of a sexual nature towards a child under 10 years old

Hear Sexual Put Downs from Birth from Family

  • Implying the child needs a sexual experience to be a "man" or a "woman"
  • Told "No one will ever marry you"
  • "You are too ugly to find a boyfriend"

False Apologies

  • Apologizes for hurtful remarks but says it again

Body Flaws

  • Teasing a 6 year old about not having developed breasts
  • Name calling "no tits" or "titless wonder"
  • Tells a pre-teen she is "too fat" only he will want her
  • "You are too ugly to find a boyfriend"
  • Makes hurtful fun of perceived body flaws
  • Compares the child negatively to other children
  • Put-downs about body size or shape "little dick"  "Big Hippos"
  • Dad says I am a bastard, that Mom screwed around

Jokes too Old for Child to Understand

  • Makes joke of calling a young child "frigid"
  • Jokes about breaking the cherry
  • Laughs and makes light of a sexually hurtful comment
  • Jokes told to young kids that they are too young to understand
Daily Insults, Sexual Put Downs, Hurtful Comments
  • Apologizes for hurtful remarks but says it again
  • Daily comments of a sexual nature towards a child under 10 years old
  • Repeated sexual name calling over a child's lifetime
  • Relentless sexual teasing and comments
  • Repetitive forms of insults and put downs
  • Children hear sexual put downs from the time they are born

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