Friday, February 23, 2018

Sibling Abusers (The Deep Secret)

At the mercy of abusive, mean or cruel family baby sitter; a sibling you live with, perhaps share a bedroom. A younger child has no place to run, no place to hide.  It is like shooting fish in a bowl.
  • Bang you on the back on the head each time they pass behind you
  • Causes pain, injury, wounds, infection, and suffering
  • Constantly tripping you as a joke when it is long past funny
  • Demand all the TV time and will hit to force you to give up control
  • Give you cigarettes so you don’t tell parents abuser smokes
  • Hides then attacks as you pass causing pain
  • Hit with spit balls
  • Hits you randomly
  • Inflict pain frequently
  • Laying a trap to injure
  • Yanking hair
  • Poke in eye, intentional
  • Intentionally trips you but "accidentally" breaks your leg (smiles)
  • Pushed you off a slide or down stairs
  • Repetitive threats of, or contact hitting, that teaches you to flinch
  • Shake by shoulders
  • Shot at with BB gun, arrows
  • Throws snakes on you
  • Shot with rubber bands, commercial stapling gun
  • Sneak attacks that cause pain, masked as play
  • Makes up terrible stories about what will happen if you are alone in a park
  • Then makes sure to leave you alone in the park for a long time
  • Stack boards on door sill so the pile falls on your head
  • Suspended, chained or tied up as a joke
  • Locked in closet when no one is home
  • Threats to hurt you bad if you tell
  • Thrown (down a well)
  • Violent swinging
  • Hitting or kicking you
  • Takes you for a walk then runs off and leaves you alone
  • Putting you up in a high place and leaving you to cry
  • Refusing to help you when you are afraid
  • Will physically force compliance with brutality and undue force if necessary
  • Helps you learn to swim but holds your head underwater too long
  • Locks you in dark places
  • Learns your secret fears then makes sure to torture you with them
  • Dunks you then holds you underwater a long time
  • Instills fear or terror, or both
  • At times nice and playful but mood can change 
  • A bully with you and with others
The punishment if you "tattle" or express your fear of sibling, is not worth the secret punishment you will certainly experience when no one is looking.

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