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I traveled throughout the Pacific northwest, Canada and Alaska delivering RV's to dealers. On both doors I had signs that read,
Child Abuse

Drivers approached me at truck stops to say "Right on, lady" or give me the "thumbs up" as they passed me on the freeway. If anyone didn't agree with me, they kept silent. I never heard even one negative response to the signs during my 230,000 mile adventure.

Spontaneous conversations of child abuse from total strangers prompted me to keep focused on this project. A slow but burning awareness crept into my consciousness. Men were just as wounded as women, but they were much quieter in revealing their pain.


Photo by Sue Christensen 2003

This is a 39' Forest River, heading for Alaska during the worst trip I ever experienced. Freezing rain in Frazier Canyon, BC. Blizzards from Cache Creek to Kitwanga. Traveling the Cassiar Highway, 450 miles due north, more blizzards and whiteouts. Connect with the Alcan Highway, Yukon Territory outside Watson Lake, BC. Softly falling snow. All along the 2500 mile trip there were car and semis piled up, sideways and upside down!
"Oh lord" I prayed, "Let this great grandmother get through safety!"
Passed sawdust pups smashed against the Frazier Canyon walls. Waited 6 hours for two semis to be removed from a head-on collision outside Cache Creek, BC. Passed the site of a hotshot driver whose flatbed carrying two travel trailers were ditched north of Dease Lake, BC. Kept on praying for a safe trip.
Reached Wasilla, Alaska safe and sound! Woo Hoo! What a trip! Prayers answered.
If I had the money to travel slowly across the US and really spend time talking to wounded people, I would do it! There are millions of "chi-ults" who need someone to listen to their story!
They want someone to listen that understands their trauma and pain. The details may be different but their wounds hurt the same.

Delivering RV's to dealers was a job, my only source of income. I couldn't stay extra days to listen to everyone so mostly it was quick snippets of conversation.

But I had the feeling just reading the signs helped a few. They knew someone really cared to travel around with bright yellow signs on the truck.
Child Abuse
(This was before I separated the "brutality" and "torture" side of private family matter and still lumped all forms of child violence under abuse.)
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