Saturday, February 17, 2018

Young Adults 18 to 22 Years Old

Around 22 years of age, the central nervous system is fully developed.  At 22-23 you are a physically mature human being.  

It is an important milestone for several reasons.  For a females, your body is fully developed to stand the extra weight of pregnancy, the demands a growing fetus has on your bodies reserves and the traumatic wound received through the birthing process.
For young people in this age range, mental maturity is critical.  Don't marry or have children unless you have worked through traumatic issues of your past. If you are a "chi-ult" then you are still emotionally frozen at the young age when a trauma took place, although your body has matured into an adult. (Child-Adult).  Heal first before bearing offspring.
If you come from a violent family, heal before bringing offspring into the world.

If you are an addict or are addicted to harmful substances or behaviors, then don't be in a relationship or get pregnant until the addiction is overcome.  Then heal.
Afterwards, you may be ready for a relationship.
If you are unemployable then don't get pregnant!
If you are dependent upon the government for assistance then don't get pregnant!

Don't breed up kids you can't support.  They are not the tax payers responsibility!
And don't consider adoption until you read about it!  It may solve the parents immediate problem, but it is not utopia for an adopted child.  (The child must deal with abandonment issues.)
If you are personally against abortion fine.  Just don't get pregnant until you are fully able to support, raise and educate your own child.  Welfare is not having your "own" money.  Welfare is the taxpayer's "own money" that the government freely gives out without holding the recipient accountable.
An another note on adoption; few people want babies whose parents are addicts, unemployable, uneducated or produced by an undeveloped body.  Remember there is a good chance your child will languish in foster care until she is 18.  Children in foster care suffer from parental abandonment.

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